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From textile to fashion

Prato and fashion: a enduring partnership that in recent years has grown even closer. Textile production has in fact made huge progress in terms of quality, thanks to investments by companies and the in-depth specialist knowledge of operators, whose combination of experience, style and creativity means they can offer their clients products that are always new and ahead of trends.
In this context there are many clothing brands, some more famous than others, that have started to work in the district, thanks also to the initiative of many young entrepreneurs who have managed to rework decades of experience in the district of textile production, identifying new trends and conquering market quotas. Today, also thanks to the presence of foreign businesses, there are almost the same number of clothing manufacturers as there are textile producers and they are getting ready to take on a new challenge: reaching the end user. Prato is on the cutting edge also for highly specialised articles, the result of technological innovation and research, accompanied by courageous investment in avant-garde machinery.
There are companies producing paper textiles, medical textiles that gradually release medicines; technical textiles used in aeronautics and textiles that light up. And these are just some examples of the creativity of this district.
Every stage of textile production can be found in this district, accompanied by a strong dose of creativity from operators: every six months, Prato's industry develops 2,000 new yarns, 60,000 new textile designs and hundreds of new textile collections. Every year Prato's textile industry produces around 90,000 tonnes of yarn, 300 million metres of cloth, 110 million metres of technical textiles and 12 million garments. The general value of production in Prato stands at around €5,630 million. Most of the products are exported to Europe, the United States and Japan and used by many of the most famous labels, which have chosen textiles from Prato to enhance their collections.

Costumes made in Prato

An interesting fact: even Hollywood has realised just how rich a range of goods this district has to offer, shown by the birth of even closer collaboration with the film industry. Some of the most well-known costume designers are in fact regular Prato customers and have here found interesting material for their creations: Prato-made textiles were in fact used for the costumes in "The Gladiator" with Russel Crowe, Mel Gibson's in "Braveheart", and the wardrobe in "Gangs of New York", directed by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo Di Caprio and Daniel Day Lewis.

Regenerated carded materials

Recycling textiles is at the centre of the "green revolution" in the Prato district: thanks to carding, a specific production technique for fibres that has been used in Prato for decades, new textiles can be created from used ones.
The yarns are produced from virgin fibres or through re-use of fibres obtained from recycled textiles or waste from both new and old knits. For over a century, regenerated wool has been a phenomenal opportunity of development, allowing the Prato textile district to establish itself on world markets. "Recycling" techniques, in addition to the appeal offered by their processes, gather and represent a culture of attention and sensibility for the environment, man's tradition and his professionalism. To valorise this kind of process, the Chamber of Commerce has created the "Cardato regenerated Co2 neutral" brand, which guarantees zero-levels of CO2 produced during the regeneration process, thus creating a textile with a low environmental impact.


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